Some Guantanamo inmates mentally ill

aptain Steve Edmondson said about 8% of the 585 prisoners at Camp Delta were experiencing mental issues, with half of that figure requiring medicine.

He said about 15% of the detainees showed up at the jail with mental problems or something to that affect and about 8% were being treated for mental issues now.

He added that prisoners experienced schizophrenia, misery and behavioral conditions “of the sort that you would find in an any grown-up populace”.

Edmondson was interrogated regarding charges by previous detainees that Australian prisoner David Hicks, whose tactical court is to begin this week, was manhandled while at the camp on a US maritime base in Cuba.

Misuse claims

The Australian government has requested that US specialists explore the claims however no subtleties of the request have been given. The US military has rejected that there has been maltreatment at the camp.

The specialist said “we haven’t had examiners come down to take articulations. We have been approached to give clinical synopses sometimes”, as composed proclamations.

The vast majority of the detainees were confined in Afghanistan in late 2001

furthermore, have been at Guantanamo since January 2002.

Self destruction endeavors

The specialists have announced about 34 self destruction endeavors by 21 prisoners in that time.

There are five extremely durable patients in the camp medical clinic, one

recuperating from a self destruction endeavor and the others from medical procedure.

Rights bunches have censured US experts for keeping the

prisoners in virtual mystery and Edmondson recognized “there is some tension regarding what the future may hold”.

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