Living with HIV: ‘There is nothing to fear’

I was brought into the world with HIV in Uganda. Both my mom and father passed on of Aids since they couldn’t get to treatment. Following, my mom’s sisters took me to Denmark with the goal that I could get to medicine and possibly live. I was two years of age.

I was exceptionally debilitated when I showed up in Denmark.

After I improved, I had an ordinary existence growing up. I didn’t realize that I had HIV until I was 12.

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I’d gone to the medical clinic for a normal meeting and there was another specialist on the job. He committed an error by showing me a card that uncovered my status. That is the means by which I discovered that I was HIV-positive.

I was extremely miserable when I discovered. I was stunned.

I was unable to hear anything. I was exceptionally dismal. I was at the medical clinic with my auntie and after some time, I passed on her to take a quick trip and see a few companions. On the transport, I was paying attention to music; I recollect it was that tune by Eminem including Elton John, Stan. As I paid attention to the tune on the transport, I began crying. I thought I planned to bite the dust.

At the point when I met my companions soon thereafter, I disclosed to them that I was HIV-positive and that I was likely going to bite the dust.

Before long, individuals at school began talking, and the word just spread. It was hard for me. Many individuals began to stay away from me; they would not like to converse with me or sit with me, they were terrified of getting contaminated.

It was an extremely, tough time for me.

I would say the disgrace is something I have combat with the most. Individuals figured they could get contaminated simply by being around me. Indeed, even in a spot like Denmark, individuals appeared to know so minimal regarding how the infection spreads.

At a certain point, I really needed to show individuals booklets to cause them to comprehend that you can’t get it by sitting close to me.

At the point when I was 14, there were an attendant and some understudy chiefs who attempted to get me to join a gathering comprised of youngsters with HIV. It resembled a care group. I denied. It took them two years to adjust my perspective. So when I was 16, I joined the gathering (called Ungegruppen/Positive Youth) and it has been incredible. I understood it was tied in with instructing others about disgrace, about anticipation and care. It was tied in with making a positive commitment to society. It has additionally assisted me with keeping inspired. Being important for the care group, I have had the option to speak all the more unreservedly about the hardships of being a youngster with HIV.

It is additionally why I am contemplating political theory. I need to make the world a superior spot. Government officials are not focusing on the genuine issues. I need to get into the framework and attempt to roll out an improvement. I will likely have lawmakers show more interest in battling illnesses. Since it is exceptionally difficult to be wiped out. I know how hard it is.

I have a ton of companions who additionally attempt to get the news out.

Individuals consider me to be an ordinary individual since they know what HIV is.

It is likewise evident that I can’t contaminate anybody as a result of the medication I take. Essentially, on the off chance that you take the medication appropriately you can’t taint anybody in any capacity.

However, I have had a few issues with the prescription – the incidental effects have been exceptionally brutal on me. The new prescriptions are better, yet every time I used to take the old ones – here and there up to eight or 10 tablets at time – I generally felt queasy and like I needed to hurl. Be that as it may, It doesn’t influence everybody similarly.

I’m answerable and don’t have intercourse without a condom. However, once, two years prior, I committed an error. It is something exceptionally difficult for me to discuss. I was tipsy and afterward I had a sex with a young lady, I don’t have the foggiest idea why yet I was exceptionally smashed. What’s more, when I woke up I was unable to discover a condom. At that point, I wasn’t generally excellent with the medication. So I began crying. My most noticeably awful bad dream is to contaminate someone else with HIV since I know its hardships. It was exceptionally hard. I was contemplating committing suicide since I didn’t have the foggiest idea what to do.

However at that point I figured out how to make a move. I considered the young lady and disclosed to her that I was HIV-positive and that I wasn’t awesome with my medication at that point. We called a few attendants to assume responsibility for the circumstance. She didn’t wind up with HIV yet at the same time I can’t fail to remember it. I can’t excuse myself.

While I am sound now, I have been near contracting Aids to some extent twice.

The first run through was the point at which I just came to Denmark. I was near passing on. The specialist didn’t figure I would make it. I really had Aids by then yet by one way or another I surmise I continued battling. I was at the clinic for a very long time or something however I continued battling. I’m here today.

The subsequent time was around two years prior when I became ill from the incidental effects from the drug. I had been taking the prescription for such countless years, however I was always unable to become acclimated to the incidental effects. I would not like to take the medication any more and I halted. You know, you take medication to improve however you really become ill of the medication. I didn’t take it. Furthermore, my viral burden went up, it got extremely high and my safe framework went exceptionally low – far beneath the risk zone – where you begin creating Aids. That was somewhat of a reminder for me. I expected to begin the treatment once more. Also, presently I take my pill consistently.

My message to youngsters is straightforward: Take your pills consistently and don’t be apprehensive. Simply open up. Try not to fear individuals realizing that you are HIV-positive since then you discover who you can trust and who you can’t. Then, at that point you can be with dependable individuals, not with the phony ones. Simply act naturally. Try not to allow the ailment to control your contemplations. You need to pay attention to yourself, be driven by your heart and don’t allow HIV to control your life. You need to control HIV. The infection has changed. On the off chance that you approach drug you can have a typical existence. There isn’t anything to fear.

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