‘We eat tobacco, drink shampoo’: Overdosing for asylum in Europe

Refuge searchers attempting to enter the European Union through Croatia are purposely ingesting risky substances, including amazing sedatives, with the expectation that police will take them to medical clinics as opposed to illicitly extraditing them. Many are going with small kids close behind.

Croatian specialists have gone under expanding investigation lately for the rough treatment of refuge searchers during “pushbacks”, an illicit practice where individuals are ousted before they are permitted to apply for haven. Many travelers and evacuees are abandoned right over the Croatian line in northwest Bosnia and have attempted to enter the EU many occasions to hold up a haven guarantee.

Refuge searchers trust clinical pain will trigger a clinic visit, and an opportunity to make their case. They clarify, nonetheless, that it is for the most part ladies who ingest the substances – which incorporate narcotics, painkillers, dozing pills, cigarette tobacco and even cleanser – on the grounds that a wiped out man is probably not going to inspire any compassion from the Croatian police. An evil lady, they say, may contact officials’ hearts.

“I went to Croatia for refuge [with my family], and I took four Tramadols,” a 38-year-old mother of three from the Kurdish area of Iran said through a video message shipped off Al Jazeera from an unwanted house in Hadžin Potok, a Bosnian town under two kilometers (about a mile) from the Croatian boundary. She declined to give her name out of disgrace at having consumed medications. A conventional portion of Tramadol, a sedative that can cause serious and at times lethal breathing issues, may be a couple of pills.

“[The pills] caused me to feel exceptionally debilitated, [and I had] discombobulation and sickness. Be that as it may, when the police showed up they actually pushed us back to Bosnia,” she said. “I needed to take these tablets due to my youngsters, so we can leave this nation and go to Europe.”

This lady and other shelter searchers in Hadžin Potok showed Al Jazeera the supplies of Tramadol they use “on the game”, the term exiles use to depict an endeavor to cross lines. Others living in a similar region say they have additionally eaten cigarette tobacco and intoxicated cleanser, which many appointed authority to be more secure than ingesting sedatives.

‘For my family’

Individuals’ confidence in this risky strategy is floated by accounts of ladies like Ferhana*, who gulped the substance of a cigarette last November in the Croatian timberland while “on the game” with her significant other and youngsters.

“My pulse dialed back [and] I was winded … My body was numb. I could just hear sounds [but] couldn’t respond,” the 33-year-old conveyed, by means of instant message from Munich, where she, her significant other and their two youthful little girls now live as shelter searchers. She says she has since quite a while ago had a heart issue that necessary her to get an angioplasty upon appearance in Germany.

Around 30 minutes subsequent to eating the cigarette, Ferhana says she blacked out. She woke up certain hours after the fact in an emergency clinic in Zagreb, the Croatian capital.

“Indeed, even presently my body shudders as I recall those days,” Ferhana clarified, yet says what she did was “for my family.” After a month in isolate in a Croatian camp, they had the option to make a trip to Germany, however her little girls, matured five and seven, are still “panicked” of cops.

It is hard to nail down the number of individuals attempt this strategy, yet haven searchers of various identities and living many kilometers separated recount comparable accounts of utilizing controlled substances in a frantic endeavor to trigger the refuge interaction.

The Danish Refugee Council, one of the primary movement associations working in Bosnia, said in an email to Al Jazeera that its effort group, which incorporates Red Cross doctors, had heard “episodic reports” of such excess strategies, yet “didn’t have information accessible to share”. The International Organization for Migration, which runs a few of the country’s displaced person camps, didn’t react to rehashed demands for input.

‘Everybody here takes Tramadol’

Shelter searchers say they purchase Tramadol from nearby drug stores, different outcasts, and ordinary Bosnians on the underground market for just 2.25 euros ($2.65) for 20 tablets. Tramadol typically requires a remedy, however displaced people say they effectively get it without one. Around twelve shelter searchers named similar drug stores where they get the pills.

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